how shall I title this ?

Down the valley and along the creek
Found a bird that could sing and speak
"About life I sing in my favorite tunes
And at times I even bring fortunes"

"Lovely that would be, O li'l bird,
Lonely I have been, away from the herd
Give me a line or two on dreams
Save me a thought on what it means"

"Dreams are wings and at times when one
Feels all day that life has no fun
Hold fast to them for if they die
Life is a bird that cannot fly"

"Words so wise my dear friend
Seems to me you are timely sent
What do you do if it moves farther,
That which you hoped is almost there ?"

"Get you will" said the bird with a smile
"It may take you still a little while
Till then with will and imagination
You can be close enough even in separation"


Anonymous said…
nice poem about titling it as dreams?
Anonymous said…
How about

"Together in seperation"
vajra_wallop said…
Abbe ladki pata li kyaa?

Yeh kya senti-senti poe-yyam likh raha hai be.
Anonymous said…
I didnt know this side of yours Arun! - Prabhu
drisyadrisya said…
Thanks everyone for your comments and title suggestions :-)

I guess life sometimes makes u do things which u normally don't !!
Manintown said…
Drisyadrisya ji i like your work and would like to correspond with you! please give your mail id
drisyadrisya said…
thanks for the comment. you can mail me at drisyadrisya(at)