The "modi"fication of Indian politics - which way ?

One is the former chief minister of the Southermost state of India. The other the same of the northern most state. Both "former" NDA allies ... and both unusual in their own respects ..

Unusual ? yeah read about Farooq Abdullah - and his family - Among other interesting stuff, he himself is married to a lady of British origin, his Muslim son has married a Sikh girl and one each of his daughters married to a Muslim, an African based black Christian and a Hindu ( son of Rajesh pilot who got ( or was ?) killed in a road accident ) .... Well, not even the Nehru family can beat that "diversity" I guess

and read about the "Amma" of politics - remember the initial period of the 13-month Vajpayee government or the tea-party with MMS ( Madam Maino Sonia ) or the Kanchi Acharya incident ? what defines her more than anything else, when it comes to National politics, is unpredictability ..

At yet, these two were recently in news, in connection with none other that Narendra Modi.... Jayalalitha with a "45- course Pongal lunch" and Farooq for being in the firing line for having praised Modi's victory .. Indeed the media was quick to call both the moves as an attempt to revamp old alliances, and indeed as yet another sign that Modi is planning on entering the National political scene sooner that later.

May be they are right, but to me the more pertinent question is, how far is this going to help the BJP ? True both these parties ( AIADMK and NC ) belong to states where BJP does not have strong allies, and simply cannot hope to win any seat if went alone.. Also true that in 3 big states - MP , Rajasthan ( both due to anti-incumbancy against present state govts) and UP , BJP may not stand to get too many seats, making the "alliance" states all the more important for NDA

But amongst its core voters, would it damage the BJP pre-poll ? allying with some one in the south accused of so many corruption cases, and with some one in the North who was a former JKLF activist ( sure, one can give them some benefit of doubt that they have impoved , but still ....) ! And also, how much of a "headache" they will be post-poll, assuming NDA does win ( which in my opinion is still a 50-50 ) .....

So many assumptions - that the BJP will ally with these, ... that the NDA will win in 2009... and let me add the third assumption , that Modi will indeed enter into National politics.... in such a case perhaps the answer to these questions, the answer to where India would be heading in the next decade, lies in whether the allies will modify the "CM" or the "CM" will "modi"fy them ....
Time alone can tell