justice denied or cat cornered ?

So was it indeed the injustice of the second test "defeat" that ensured the victory at Perth ?

Or did India deserve a victory in the second test itself ?

justice denied or cat cornered ? or both ? Does that say anything about our National character of being "reactive" than proactive to attacks on us ?

Whats with India repeating its 2001-Kolkata "achievement" of stopping the Kangaroos exactly at 16-in-a-row test victories ?

just some random thoughts


Ranjith said…
this not really about being "reactive" or anything. for the last 15 yrs or so, we have been doing pretty well against australia; it is 8:10 (won:lost; in fact if you consider sydney as a "draw", it is 8:9, with adelaide open:-) )

In fact, if you remember, a proactive Tendulkar, started it all back in 1998. and it followed in 2001 and we did the same in 2003-2004

see numbers here

of course, we find this sweet in the backdrop of what happened in sydney. but i believe, even without the sydney events, we would have achieved at least one victory in australia in this tour (proof: adelaide 2003).
Ranjith said…
In fact, the story of the proactive Tendulkar in 1998 is best told here


I read it often :-) Roughening up the pitch and asking L Sivaramakrishnan to bowl around the wicket to practice..oh boy... That is the match that set it up all...
drisyadrisya said…
Thanks Ranjith.. that was some nice memories and interesting thoughts... If remember correctly, I may have gone for that Chennai test, one of the days.. and even seen some of the India team members when ( and if) they practised at the IITM chemplast cricket ground

well, its been ten years, but I think I did !