raising the bar ? whither terrorism ?

Last year after the Mumbai 7/11 blasts, when the city rolled back to life the very next day ( unlike a NY that was paralysed for days after 9/11), many in the media and social circles applauded it as resilience

In the wake of todays blasts, I am now starting to wonder, was it really resilience, or a steady loss of sensitivity ? - something that the islamists (a.k.a terrorists) want to happen by making sure that there are at least 3-4 major blasts in different parts of India every year......

aided of course by the psecs who shout "hindu -muslim brotherhood " (also known as goat-butcher brotherhood, a la "Hey Ram" movie ) or "islam is a religion of peace" in the wake such incidents.. of course there is a PM who wud now lose sleep on what the psychological effect of this wud on the Muslim community which fetches him a crucial 50 odd seats to keep the power !!

And there willl always be a Pakistan or a Bangladesh to blame for ( so that the Indian Islamists remains a non-dangerous marketable commodity on paper ) .. no sane person wud ever believe that all this is possible without an indian islamists terror netowrk --- of course, the blame for that is naturally on a Taslima for bringing out the truth of islam or a Gujarat (sans Godhra of course ). In short, heads Hindus lose, tails Islamists win !

As my friend says, terrorism will stop ONLY on the day a substantial number of Muslims realize that they are also " victims of Islam " and either re write the Quran or mass convert out of it..


vajra_wallop said…
I call it the Pavlovian conditioning of Hindus to Kafirhood.

Hindus are being trained slowly and steadily to the old ways of the Sultanate India.
m r rao said…
एतादृशाः महत्वपूर्णविषयाः संस्कृतेनैव विमर्शनीयाः इति मन्ये। एतैः अभिप्रायैः संमतोऽस्मि। सांप्रतं अस्माकं भारतं secularismकालकूटेन मूर्च्छितं वर्तते। secularismअधिकृत्य मम अभिप्रायाः अत्र विद्यन्ते


एतत्‌ कालकूटं लोकरक्षणाय स्वीकृत्य भारतं पुनरुज्जीवयितुं कोऽपि नीलकण्ठः आविर्भवतु!