postscript to the ISRO post

Just received the following comment from kaushik, by email

BTW I talked to a leading ISRO guy few days back. He has been in all of ISRO's major projects. His complain was ISRO is not getting good quality people. If you look at ISRO scientists and engineers you will find less than 1% are from iit's or countries top colleges. The poeple in ISRO (atleast the one who joined in last 10-15 years are) are not the mmost talented people India can offer. I remember when DRDO came to IIT KGP, hardly anyone sat for their interview, the best came to US and the second best wnet for highly paid jobs or IIM. It would be nice if you can write something on this.



When I was a kid, sometime I learnt that the tea that we get in the shops is "third grade" ... the best quality are exported . Same is the case with cashews...

Not just food material I guess - I agree with kaushik that its the "nth" best that an organisation like DRDO or ISRO gets - after the flux to foreign Univs, IIMs , software jobs, and so on. ( Admittedly I am no exception to that ) ...

That.. could have been the 89th reason why ISRO cud have failed ( "poverty", lack of infrastructure, too big a population, etc etc etc being a few of the other 88) and yet, ISRO has delivered .. to its best .... That in my opinion, gives added glory to ISROs achievements...

If thats what SF Chronicle wanted to bring out... then my due apologies ... am so used to the unnecessary negative twist in everything written abt India, not just by "foreigners", but our own esteemed journos