Of Plutos, "Pysics" and Procrastinations

Can't believe, how much lazy I had been to blog in the last one month --- and that too the month where I was supposed to be "relaxing" , after my prop defense

Even I forgot that I had started this one...


with an intention of writing a 3 or 4 "classic" peice like the one I had on "A decimation so systematic" ... but looks like I myself ended up not opening the treasures that I wanted to :-)

Jokes apart, rather than writing a series, I am just going to quickly summarise - well, to be more exact seeking answers to- some of the interesting observations that I wanted to bring up. Any readers (wonder how many come here regularly ever since I became kinna irregular, and that also started posting quite some mallu centric stuff) , I welcome you to share your invaluable insights knowledge on these .. So here goes

1) The story of Manu in Hindu Mythology talks about "7 rishis" being saved during the flood... and I believe that the Hindu belief is that the seven rishis are the originators of "seven races".. (Note that Rishis could be women, or men - either ways usually they are married .. ) . Now, have you heard about the seven "clan mothers" in the genetic science ?! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seven_Daughters_of_Eve

Is it not amazing that the numbers seven matches ?! anyone to throw any insite

2) In Hindu mythology Kadru and Vinata are wives of sage Kashyapa and mothers of "snakes" and "Garuda" respectively..... and now read about Archaeopteryx , and theories of Charles Darwin and Richard Owen..... doesn't it amaze you ?!

3) This was initiated when Dr Subhash Kak sent me his paper on the famous twin paradox in physics (and I never got to reading his paper carefully... just too lazy!!) .. okay, here is the wiki reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin_paradox . Now, the following was brought to my attention by my doing_his_PhD_in_PhY friend, K - that in Mahabharata, during the vanavas Arjuna goes on a avisit to Indralok and returns... and Arjuna spens "x" years in Indralok, where as Pandavas had spent "y" years on earth -- x and y are different.. Was that an example of the twin paradox ?! I have been asking K to send me the exact MhB references, and he has not yet... :-( .. any other helping hands... Ranjith ? News ? or K himself ? or Dr K ? :-)

4) The recent demotion of Pluto from the solar system (my sympathies... ney, my empathies ) .. I pretty much go with Rajeev (Sreenivasan) on this one http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2006/08/pluto-demotion-aryabhatta.html

(there is one more post of interest on his blog http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2006/08/indian-who-knew-pluto-20-years-before.html )

So, thats finally the nuts and bolts of what I originally wanted to make into a 3 or 4 piece article... Hope, I get some answers to my querries :-) .. in anycase, at this point, its much more about "Mother Calling" ..... !!!


Anonymous said…
Good to see the blog "back to normal". Will do some research about the points you have mentioned . Interesting read
Anonymous said…
have a nice journey and a wonderful stay. Come back rejuvenated and refreshed.
shailee said…
This pic that you have posted, where was it taken? m very curious to know. Shailee Lathe
drisyadrisya said…
Actually Shailee, I forgot to acknowledge the pictute.. thats the "Bharat Mata Mandir" from
drisyadrisya said…
and ya... for all those whom I could not personally say "bye for a month" ..... here is from my favorite author Richard Bach

"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends." (Illusions)
Ranjith said…
Hey, I'm not very surprised if there is a mention in the Mahabharta about the time Arjuna spent in Devaloka which differs from that of Pandavas. Because, I have heard that according to Puranas, N human years is equivalent to M years for Devas, where M and N are different (i think N>>M). Humans get older faster than Devas!! According to relativity, if one moves very fast (or if one lives in a space shuttle that moves very fast!) that will affect your aging and the one who is moving faster will remain younger!

But i guess it will be too much to imagine that they understood all this in the mahabharata time! (unless there is some real proof!).

But it wil be interesting if one could figure out why this M not equal to N for Devas and Humans!!

Let me also know when you get the reference from the Mahabharata about the years Arjuna spent...

Hope you are having a great time at home...
Pradaarthvignanshastri said…
@Ranjith - according to Einstein's Gravitation Theory, the clocks run slower in a high-gravity environment.

Devaloka is a high-gravity environment compared with Earth - hence one may age a day in Devaloka whilst those left behind on Earth age a year!

Incidentally, Einstein created his theory based on his principle of equivalence - that is, the laws of physics should be the same for all observers. Hence it is possible for someone in antiquity to have created this theory!

However validating the theory required exact astronomical and other observations.