what gets him going ?

I don't usually write about Indian politics on this blog, but here's for a change

There is one man I always carefully observed in Indian politics - LK Advani- for the sheer energy he brings with him. From the times when his "scratching on a rock" type voice in the mid eighties would pull huuge crowds, to even now as 78 year old going around in scortching heat, he has been in the limelite, all along

He is one person whom I know went against conventional wisdom, coined his own ways and terms (remember "psec" ?) , and perhaps made his own new standards in politics (remember the resignation within hrs after the Hawala accusation ?)

And be it thro' making interesting statements, or through his "resignations" or the yatras, he is there in the news, almost everyday.. Do I agree with all what he does ? thats immaterial, its the sheer genius that he brought along that surprises me.. 10 years ago, before anyone could even imagine, our man predicted a looong "coalition politics" ahead for India. And changed the entire outlook of BJP, from being an isolated party to a more coalution friendly one. I remember one his statements "We are not here for sanyasis to sit and do bhajans , we are here to rule the country"

A man who is known to speak his heart out, an organisational man to the core, one who , if decided on something, takes it to completion how much ever whoever criticises him (his 3rd yatra seemd to lack all support, until it actually took off)... - I can't help but check his zodiac sign.. (not that I majorly believe in it, but just for fun sake) - yes he is... a scorpio, like me !!



Soothsayer said…
What did LK do to call him a scorpio like you and the other person I know!!