20 years since Pinarayi Vijayan visited US and 3 other countries

Here is an interview from 1997 Aug 1 - https://www.destination-kerala.com/1997/08/01/kerala-evokes-widespread-interest-abroad-says-cm-nayanar/ of the then communist CM of Kerala

I am adding a screenshot here, just for the records and looking at some of the things there, just cannot stop laughing - self-declared US haters ("anti-capitalists") on a trip to Niagra Falls to study the possibility of  power generation from Athirappilly Falls in Kerala - and 20 years since, not only has that materialized, neither do I see any investment coming to Kerala from France and Italy. And these are the very folks criticizing Modi on his foreign tours . MCC did become a reality, but SNC Lavalin became controversial https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SNC-Lavalin_Kerala_hydroelectric_scandal


wanderer said…
Vatican ? What investment were they trying to attract from Vatican ?