catching up

It has been an inactive 100 days or so on the blog - and oh well, perhaps a much less active year that passed by... Here I am, trying to "regroup" myself , gain back some of the lost momentum.. Looks like these days one has to view life from an "escalator perspective" rather than a "staircase perspective" - they keep going whether you plan to climb or not

Wink of a year and tweets have become much more popular, and I quite missed the tide... , trying to catch up now - . In fact I wanted to do a blogpost during Sankranti ... kind of to tell myself that its a transition to a bit more active blogging (among reviving some other activities too) - but that was not to be.. and here I am on the "Republic" day going "re-public" again ... Having faced the starting trouble, the easiest way out has been to reformat the look :) .. but I promise myself , that substance will follow !