The victims of Islam

Apparently the Muslims of India are unhappy - unhappy even with the parties that have made it their single point agenda to appease them .... So, what is that ? A case of pampered child continuing to demand more of what he is used to ?

Consider this - in Kerala Muslim "minority" schools ( meaning salary for teachers paid by government, and the private management has the right to choose the students and appoint teachers, many times taking a "donation") has certain specials rules... They can start the school at 10.30 am , after all the brainstorming in the mosque is over . They have holiday on fridays and work on Saturday instead. And during the month of Ramzan, which falls in different months every year, the school goes on vacation, and that is made up later - exams are conducted specially for these schools

Think about how it is taking a month long break right in the middle of the academic year - that too different months different years - for years this has been continuing, and finally........ recently some Parent Teacher Associations are realizing that this is adding to the backwardness of their kids... ---> and have been demanding that the schools be converted into "normal ones"..... Well, not quite, normal only in terms of the Ramzan classes, but the Friday holiday and the late opening should remain ! Well, whatever, like the Ramzan moonsighting, atleast some bit of light ...... though quite late...

So yet another example proving that statement that my friend often quotes "Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam" !