blog getting older as bin laden getting younger !

Nov 11 last year is when I put a counter on my blog... so sep 11 its 10 months, easy to divide the total and get an average.. looks like its going to be closer to 600 a month... i.e average 20 a day.. assuming on an average 2-3 are my own, thats like 15+ a day.... not bad I guess .. of course sometimes there is like a 100 hit a day and sometimes 1 (that must be my own hit)

Interestingly the kind of google searches that fetches the blog max hits are "meera jasmine" and "beena antony" , "actress" and so on and so on, names which I had not mentioned for long time, and names which I mentioned in the contexts that the searchers hardly wud expect to see ..
If I were to market my blog better, I should be posting atleast one bollywood or cricket post for every 2-3 other posts, or atleast throw around some of those big names - oh well, why not now itself - amitabh bachan , abhishek bachan, aishwarya rai, sachin tendulkar ... lol i am so bad at this ....


Meantime sep 11 also marks the 6th anniversary of 9/11 . Interestingly the much hyped come back kid Bin Laden starrer Al Qaeda Productions , marketed by Al Jazeera movie has ended up, apparently as a comedy even though the producers wanted it to be a suspense thriller... The very first line of B Ramans latest paper set me laughing

1. Some of the Mullas in Pakistan are known to put on make-up in order to make themselves look younger.

and later

3.In Pakistani jihadi circles, it is this which is being discussed and not the meaning of his message. One understands that this has been so in some of the TV channels of the West too, with even many week-end TV jokes about his dyeing his beard......

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