150th post

I got the following paper clipping as an email attachment, with a note
Please see the attached article by Shri Gurumurthyji on M F Husain's paintings. The Indian media has carefully shielded these provocative paintings from the public eye, while espousing the noble cause of 'artistic freedom'. Gurumurthyji has done us a great service by getting them published. Now, the public can see for themselves and decide whether this is artistic freedom or sexual perversion.
and recently i got another email from yaajushi ( her pen-name, i guess)
for now leave it to others to handle mfhussain (issue), and i for once drift into memory lanes... how i used to take time off during my final semester at iitm (which was relatively free with only two courses and final year btech project) to transcribe some very informative talks..couple of them Gurumurthyji's and some of which are available now at http://pramodkumar.voiceofdharma.com/index.htm ..
i must have done close to 10 of them.... from cassettes to a piece of paper... and most of them, i used to take to the li'l shop outside the velachery gate to be typed up into a word document... it was just 10 rupees or so for typing up a page... and another 5 rupee for a print out (something like that)
the only catch was that my poor handwriting added to to the villagers english necessitated, a thorough word by word correction later on... to the extend that after a while i prefered typing them up myself in the vels shop (they were also happy about it as they can do some other work, while i paid the same or close to the same fee)
anyways, here is one particularly favorite one of mine .. and i am inlcuding the google link to show how popular it has become http://www.google.com/search?q=%22The+Intellectual+Scene+in+Post-Independence+India%22&hl=en&start=0&sa=N
And this particular comment, pays off for all the hard work i did in my IITM 8th semester :-)
This is one of the most thought provoking speeches about India in recent times. Delivered by Mr. S.Gurumurthy, who has been a lateral thinker and an intellect, has put together thoughts about our very own country, about which, many of us have very wrong impression...Some facts stated here are really stunning. This is truly an intellectual piece, which coincidentally has been on the most popular e-mail forwards. Read it with patience and see how it changes your mind....
How i wish i had that kinna energy and time these days !!


Anonymous said…
congrats on the 150th post. you are doing a terrific job with the posts on variety issues. keep it up

- a regular reader