like 'em or not...

Like them or not, you can't ignore them ...

It all started with the Meera Jasmine petition.. One of the comments read as follows :
Stopping from entering temples is a still prevailing blind belief. Each human has the right to enter temples. Have you heard about the Pavakkulam Temple at Cochin? This is owned and run by RSS, and allow everyone, Indian or foreign, Male or female and Hindu or non-Hindu to come and perform prayers to the almighty. In the 1930s our society was brave and fought for "kshethra pravesanam" but now, the population has started hiding in their shells and not acting for the rights. I am a rashtrita Swayam Sevak sangh worker and the State Joint Secretary of Swadeshi Science Movement, I fully support the protesters who are with Meera Jasmin for entering temple.
That was signed by one Dr Balaram from the Cochin Univ of Sc and Tech (CUSAT) .. I was naturally curious to know if what he stated was the offiicial stand of RSS on the issue... After a few email exchanges, he wrote to me one day, among other things
I don't know if you have noticed three important points refered by RSS.
1. RSS demanded for appointing Dalit poojaries in temples including major ones in India. (This was in a press conference dated two weeks back from New Delhi)
2. RSS demands a discussion on temple entry issue of women in Sabarimala. in this the opinion of RSS is " ladies should decide if they want to enter there or not, it is not the power of men to stop them". (pls refer to speech of P Parameswaran in a public meeting two weeks back, Mathrubhumi reported it)
3. Members of all religions should be free to enter all templesin Kerala. (Parameswarji's same speech is reference).
hope you have cleared doubts.i also was an orthodox Hindu, but it is Sangh which changed me.
The first was not really news to me.. I have heard that VHP of Tamil Nadu has trained over thousand non-Brahmin priests.. The second, was, interesting... and the third, even more (well, did the petition have any effect ?!?! my guess is as good as yours ..... )
(Note: Don't mix up the drama by some kannada actress with the general issue of Sabarimala entry to women )
I tried finding the actual references to the above, and I did for two of them

So that much is official !! The last one, well, Balaramji has promised me to send the scanned copy of the Malayalam newspaper in which Parameswaranji's speech came... lets see :-)


froginthewell said…
I can't really agree on the shabarimala issue. Probably that temple was meant to be a place which offered lesser distraction from brahmacarya ( remember, one should maintain 41 days of brahmacarya before entering the temple ).

Are you saying that shrI rAmakRShNa's criticism of Brahmo Samaj on a similar issue is relevance only to the time he lived in?

As for dalit pUjAris : I think there must be some institution to impart education to all in this regard and also ensure that the prospective pUjAris live a life appropriate to their profession ( twice sandhA-vandanaM, vegetarianism, if possible some stipulations on control of senses etc. ). But it is doubtful how many brAhmin priests observe some of such criteria.
Anonymous said…
Interesting post. What are those pictures about ? I undertsnd only one of them
drisyadrisya said…

1) Indeed "lokO bhinnaH ruchiH... abhiprAyam ca"

If I am to elaborate my views on the issue, it would perhaps take up another post, but to quickly summarise

An ideal Brahmachari should not be distracted just because of presence of women. Yes, it is more easy when you have a restriction.. but then there are always ways to work things out - may be another seperate period when women alone are allowed ..


2) I think the same std be kept for every pUjari, immaterial of what "caste" he is from. And just because a few priests may not be living with the austerity required, I would not brand all of them bad.. neither should such a fear prevent anybody from doing positive things

My blood group is "be positive" :-)
drisyadrisya said…

The pictures clockwise are

1) A Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Shaka in the Carribeans (trinidad ??)

2) Pic from the huuuuge "hindu Sangam" that HSS USA organized in Bay area ( this year

3) Some Pratinidhimandal baithak or something of the RSS somewhere in India

4) The usual morning RSS Shaka in India

RSS is only in India.. Its international counterpart is HSS. Also RSS has seperate shakas for men and women (sevak sangh and sevika samiti) where as HSS has it together