ID - 4 (A Tribute)

28 days in 3 years .. thats a probability of 2.5% !!

Sep 1, I met her (see ID-1) and she cud speak.... and she pretty much told "Now I am waiting for death"!

Sep 4, I again met her, one of the Onam days and she cud still recognise me, but did not speak much... even as I handed her the Onappuda (new dress).. and she had already started to eat less !

Sep 14 she was hospitalised and I met her again on Sep 15, but she was almost unconscious....wud not even open her eyes. I undertook my B'lore trip fully aware that I may have to cut short and she breathed her last on Sep 16, 3.15 pm - I had almsot just finished my work in B'lore and just enuf time for me to catch a last min bus, and be back at my ancestral place before the last ceremonies

And now, the 11th day for the rituals is on 26th , and off I am on the 28th back to the US ....

Its as tho' someone had planned it day by day hour by hour... and frankly, I feel satisfied on two counts, - that I cud meet her .... thrice in her last few days... (albeit the fact that the last meetin she cud not recognise me or anyone around) ... and that she had a rather peaceful death...
even in her last few weeks she hardly complained

Once more my humble Pranaams to my Achamma (fathers mother)


She was the last of my 4 grandparents and the one to whom I was perhaps most attached... and so even as I tried chanting "Nainam Chintanti Sastrani..." , tears kept falling for a long time...
death...... undoubtebly the most powerful truth !

ps: I wanted to write about my Madras trip, IITM after 3 years, the Janmashtami celebs, and my B'lore trip...and I have quite some pics with me donno when .. not today for sure